Want to learn about Chocolate Making?

Chocolate making is great fun for all ages! Tilly started at the tender age of 3 and if my mum manages to stop eating the chocolate, she loves making it too (I have been warned not to put her age on this, but Tilly says “she is REALLY old”!!!).

So why not have a go yourself?

Tilly making Easter Eggs

I love sharing my passion and regularly do demonstrations and chocolate making courses for a variety of audiences. From Yr 2, focusing on chocolate in their learning about where food comes from, to the fantastic members of the WI and everyone in between! I have even been an honourary guest to a “Gentlemen’s Breakfast” Club.

Or if you simply want to have a go at home, we have kits with all the ingredients (although you do need to get a small pot of double cream) and tools you need to make your own yummy chocolates.

Take a look at our range of Chocolate Making Kits